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Our members review... Vinegar Hill by A. Manette Ansay  
(February 15, 2000)

Our favorite line:  "Disguise yourself.  Don't say what you feel.  This was the key to a happy marriage, the key to a strong faith in God."

"Very neat writing style but I didn't like the book.  The images disturbed me.  Something seen cannot be unseen."  Trina

"I give it a 60.  Has a good beat but I can't dance to it"  Jan

"Truly depressing.  It broke my heart that people live this way"  Michelle

"Ultimately a story of surviving through adversity.  A realistic observation of the subject matter.  Loved the writing style."  Kelly

"Exquisitely written book about excruciating pain"  Cheryl W-W

"Don't read this book unless you have had plenty of sunlight exposure.  Individuals suffering from sunlight deprivation are at risk if you read this in winter.  I am, however, recommending it to every woman I know in an abusive relationship.  It will give them the courage to make a change.  The writing style is magnificent and has tempted me to read additional selections by this author." Cheryl B-C